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                  Xiangke Sewing Machine The client

                  Provide branch sewing machine information subscription, product display and other functions, support Android, iOS system.

                  浙江翔科縫紉機股份有限公司 Xiangke Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

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                  Xiangke sewing machine new website!

                  Xiangke sewing machine site after revision, now new market, we hope that through this platform, the better to communicate with our customers!

                  Thanks for your continued concern and support!

                  Xiangke sewing machine new website!

                  Dynamic branch

                  Xiangke sewing machine site after revisi ...With

                  Hot products
                  998 Series 6900 Series 988k Series 6700 Series 740 Series 999FS Series 6500 Series 747 Series 858 Series 2600 Series 588 Series 688 Series F007 series 1500 series Electronic lockstitch machine heavy material machine chainstitch machine VC008 series 1508 series 781 Series 373 Series 1850 Series 927,928 Series

                  Sewing machine exhibition

                  CISMA 2015 Chinese International Sewing Equipment Exhibition

                  China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA) is the worlds largest professional sewing eq ...With

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